Barloworld Equipment chooses PUROC for its main technical centre

Barloworld Equipment repairs, retools and refurbishes Caterpillar mining equipment in Boksburg, South Africa. In a 10.000 m2 industrial hall damaged equipment is disassembled, repaired and renewed and finally assembled again.

Disassembly is a dirty, greasy job which needs a floor that can take a beating. Oil, hydraulic fluids, coolant and plain dirt attack the floor. Barloworld chose a combination of PUROC products for the different areas in their hall.

The disassembly area is treated with a combination of QF EPT mix with sand after thorough pre-treatment of cracks and tension areas of the concrete. For the repair and assembly area we advised the application of a smooth surface of QF EPT.

PUROC was supplied in two colours: a plain gray for the working areas and an industrial turquoise for transport lanes and walk ways.