Converse store, Roppenheim (F)

IMG_1685PUROC recently treated the floor of the first Converse store in Roppenheim (F). The Converse All-Star brand is owned by Nike. Nike wishes to open some 60 stores in several European countries. The All-Star brand wants to have an ‘industrial look and feel’ in its brand stores and therefore chose PUROC for its concrete floor coating.

Due to the fast drying properties of our PUROC products the first three layers were applied within 7 hours. The finishing coat was added the next day.

When preparing the floor some visible scratches were made on the floor. These were fully camouflaged by the first impregnating coat of PUROC TR MAT. Nike is very satisfied with the final result: a perfectly protected industrial concrete floor, that is easy to clean.

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The system:

  1. Grinding the floor with diamond grinder
  2. First layer, impregnate with Puroc TR MAT
  3. Second layer, leveling coat Crafco QF PUR Transparent
  4. Third layer, top coat Puroc TR MAT
  5. Fourth layer, top coat Puroc TR MAT