Kerem Erdok of Acoplan tests PUROC for DACHSER transport facilities

Our smart partner Acoplan – who did the Eurotower parking garage treatment – has used a small surplus of material for super fast repair of cracks and holes.

DACHSER challenged Kerem Erdok to show how PUROC can be used to repair and coat ramps and floors of the loading docks of their distribution facilities. A big concern for DACHSER is the speed with which PUROC can be applied to minimise downtime.

This facility in the south of Germany is used 24 hours a day. Dozens of truck rumble in and out, laden and unladen. Putting great stresses on the concrete floors. Cracks in the concrete have the tendency to deteriorate very quickly into real damage.

Acoplan applied QF EPT mixed with 40% to 50% of sand. This was use as a kind of mortar to repair cracks. Within a few weeks time DACHSER will check these to see if our solution is sustainable.

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