PUROC is indestructible, even applied frozen

Repairing – let alone recoating – the floors of cold storage facilities is a challenge. Turning up the heat means disrupting the logistical flow of goods and entails major operating losses. Applying coatings in freezing temperatures results in poor quality and frequent re-repairing. PUROC is up to that challenge.

Our partner wanted to show and test the properties of PUROC coatings at the facilities of Vroegop Ruhe & Co. Vroegop Ruhe & Co operates cold storage facilities all around The Netherlands. Their clients entrust them with keeping their perishables at the right temperature, which is -33° Celsius, rain or shine. The cold storage facilities are an important part of a logistical chain. Which means heavy use by all kinds of transporting and lifting gear. Repairs of floor damage is frequently needed.

Our partner decided to try a mix of PUROC screed mixed with 50% sand for deep cracks (from heavy use ánd freezing) in the concrete floor. With an addition of 2% of catalyst the mixture was applied at -33° Celsius and left to dry and harden for a couple of hours.

After one more day our client re-entered the cold storage, well dressed in their winter clothes and mittens and carrying hammer and chisel . . .