PUROC keeps Aramis desalination equipment clean

Desalination equipment is extremely vulnerable to rust and dust. The machinery itself must withstand the corrosive effect of brackish or salt water. Because these machines are obviously operating in dry and dusty countries the output needs to be protected from contamination.

Aramis water treatment from Belgium puts its equipment in 40ft containers. The containers are carefully kept water- and airtight.

PUROC’s QF PUR coating on the wooden floors of these containers protects from rot and protects the equipment from dust seeping in.

First we filled holes for screws and seams between the boards with a layer of QF PUR mixed with ‘stellmittel’. This provides a smooth surface. Then we applied a full layer of QF PUR and finally a thin layer mixed with a tiny amount of glass pearl for a non-skid effect. Three layers within one day.