Cool and odourless

In the ‘charcuterie’ of a big Belgian supermarket you don’t want the chemical smells of drying PMMA’s. And you need a speedy return to business for helping the customers. Finally the temperature needs to be kept between 5° and 10° Celsius!


The cora ‘hypermarket’ in Châtelineau (Charleroi) in Belgium caters to thousands of customers every week. The butcher’s shop takes a central place and is supplied by a large meat processing and packing area ‘behind the curtains’. In this area, the floor coating needed repairs.

The traditional way would be to seal of the area and apply a PMMA-based coating by workers dressed in airtight suits. Afterwards the area would have to be thoroughly ventilated. And you would still expect the smell of PMMA’s to linger. Impossible.

Our partners in Belgium repaired the floors in the cooling cells with a primer topped with QF EPT at a temperature of 10° Celsius up to a thickness of 2 millimetres. The repairs were done and the floor was accessible within three hours.